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Welcome to Intergrated Fleet System
27-Dec-2009     Fleet News
Congradulations! You have installed IFS. This news story is designed to help you get underway...

The good news is, if your looking at this news post, IFS was installed. So what next?

* Your first task should be to setup your fleet's organisational structure. Task Forces and Groups can be added from the Fleet Chief Ops menu under "FCOps Tools". Once those are setup, you can go about adding ships through the Task Force CO menu item "TFCO Tools". Note here you can also add Co's that have not applied through the join form, should you need to add existing Co's in your fleet. These created Co's can then be transfered to the correct vessel via the Office of Personnel Management menu option "OPM Tools"

* I have included a small list of ship classes to get you started, but sooner or later you will need to add some more. Note that you must have Starship Types (ie Starbase, Starship) in order to create Starship Categories (ie Crusier, Explorer) in order to create actual ship classes in these Categories.

* At some point you will need to upload a set of ranks into the images folder in order for IFS to use them. I have included support for the Kuro-Chan ranksets by default, so all you should have to do is upload the images into the correct folder (images/ranks)

* Should you require help, please use the OF Forum here :

This should cover the basic information you require. It may take some time to investigate all options at your disposal.

Good Luck!

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January 23, 2018



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